Code Lyoko: XANA Awakens Review

Today we take a blind look at a show I know nothing about.

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  1. bluecharles says:

    Its not Code Lyoko’s fault for the pilot happening in the third season. The writers were only allowed to write filler for the entire first season, with the exeception of the finale. At the beginning of the second season, they changed studios to Moonscoop. Moonscoop allowed them to write plot driving episodes and, later in the third season, a prequel of sorts after the producers urged them to let it happen. If you ever go back to this series, just know the first season is much worse then the rest of it. It’s watchable, but the lyoko animation is static and each episode feels like the previous one, but rehashed a bit. Still, you have to watch a few first season episodes be because they are referenced down the line. You should come back to this series, because its much stronger than it appears. If I wasn’t broke, I would pay you too in an instant.

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