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A Look at Reboot – 1.1 The Tearing

We take the look at the first episode of Reboot, the first computer animated television program. Megabyte has a thingy, and wants Bob to do a thingy to the thingy or he’ll do a thingy to Bob’s friends! Advertisements

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Welcome to the NHK – The Suicide Arc

Today we dip our toes into the world of anime with “Welcome to the NHK,” perhaps the darkest comedy you are ever likely to see.

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A Look at Garfield and Friends

We look the Garfield cartoon series, it’s place in animation history, and take a stab at a random episode.

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A Look at Babe (1995)

The Pop Arena takes a look at a childhood classic. Not really from my childhood, mind, but certainty someone’s childhood.

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Code Lyoko: XANA Awakens Review

Today we take a blind look at a show I know nothing about.

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