Reprinted Animorphs Book Guide – #1 The Invasion

In honor of the reprinting of K.A. Applegate’s awesome series “Animorphs,” I will be remaking some of my older reviews, now with better audio, better video, over ten minutes of additional material AND no Batman voice!

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1 Response to Reprinted Animorphs Book Guide – #1 The Invasion

  1. Alex says:

    The first book would have had to of been entirely different, but I think it would have given it that extra dose of what the later series is really all about if there had been a 6th kid who went to the construction site with the group. He/she also sees Elfangor crash, also uses the morphing cube, learns how to morph, gets characterized, etc. By the end of the book, though, this 6th kid turns out to have been a controller all along.
    Again, the entire book would need to change to make it work: there would have needed to be a reason why #6 didn’t betray the rest to Visser 3 in the construction site, why #6 couldn’t have gone to the Yeerk Pool to betray them at any other point before the ending. The ending would reveal that #6 was a controller all along, and also need to kill #6 shortly after. The Animorphs wouldn’t be directly responsible for #6’s death (it’d be more accidental and out of anyone’s hands); that should still be saved for David (they didn’t kill him, but you know what I mean).
    The point of this addition would be to deliver the message of “this isn’t going to be just another teen sci-fi series; here was a character that you had no reason to believe would have been different from the rest of the main characters, but by the end of the 1st book, that belief is shredded up in front of you and tossed in the garbage. Are any of the other main characters controllers? Is Jake the only one who isn’t? Before reading the 2nd book, you couldn’t possibly have known for sure.

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